About us

The BVT Association is organised under IVEST - the Industrial Association for Various Iron and Steel Products e.V., and benefits by representation and enforcement of industry concerns from its collaboration with the WSM - the Economic Association for Steel and Metal Processing and the BDI - the Association of German industry e.V., as well as its membership in the European industrial organisation E.D.S.F. - the European Door and Shutter Federation.

The BVT is dedicated to all the activities that are designed to promote the competitiveness of its members. For this purpose, we combine the interests and professional concerns of the member companies and are a mouthpiece for their economic representation at the municipal, regional, federal and European level. In addition, BVT supports its members in matters relating to technology, standards and guidelines and is also a recognised communication platform in the industry.  

BVT service skills range from

  • the manufacturer and distributor of mechanically and hand-operated gates and barriers of all kinds, whose customers belong to virtually all sectors of the economy (e.g. the construction industry, automotive industry, logistics sector, food industry, machinery - and plant construction and the trade, craft and public sector);
  • the working industry (AZI) affiliated manufacturers of door components of all kinds (e.g. drives, controllers, guards, door profiles and panels, gate fittings);
  • Manufacturers of high speed doors organised by the IGS interest group. 

BAT member companies produce:

  • Sectional doors and lifting doors
  • Roll-up doors, shutters and slidable lattice grates
  • Sliding doors, folding doors, swing leaf gates and doors
  • Rapid action doors
  • Fire protection and smoke protection doors
  • Barriers, bollards, barriers and access control systems
  • Gate components of all types